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Best VPN

What's the best VPN for anonymity?

anyone know good non vbv uk sites

anyone know good non vbv uk sites General Discussion. ... General Discussion · Reload this Pageanyone know good non vbv uk sites ...http://bit.ly/2u9G5BU

Best free vpn !! No logs!! And great privacy opsec

First of all. Hello everybody and i'm new to this forum. But i have quite some knowledge in computers, hacking, linux, doxing, identity theft, carding, and so on.. 
And always remember that i don't upload anything that does not work!! So these posts/threads are going to be top notch..! 

Now i wanted to say, i'm disgusted by all these people making shitty posts that don't work, or they don't even know what the hell they are talking about!!

OK so lets talk about the VPN !! 

First what is a vpn?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data.

Alright, now that you have a clear idea of what is a VPN! Lets see what is the difference between a : Paid One - and - Free One. Now this VPN is a little surprise, cause is neither paid or free.. I'll explain in a bit:

Free VPN
Unstable connections and slow speeds
Sell your information to 3rd party advertisers
Insert java or scripts into your computer for advertising
Often ban HTTPS browsing
Use basic insecure protocols
No customer support

Paid VPN
Premium Customer Service
Large number of servers in multiple locations
More Bandwidth
Multi-device use
High level encryption
Stable and fast Connections

OK! Now that you know the differences between each other.. Think about this : How about a VPN that is BETTER than a paid one, and is free! *COUGH *COUGH.. I mean OPENSOURCE BABY!!!

OK, so first... This VPN is currently for Linux/android only but later on their going to port to MAC OS / Windows.
But if you really value your privacy and want to stay anonymous!!! DON'T EVER USE WINDOWS.. 

Now i will teach you how to set everything up:

1. The operating system: 

I will go with : ParrotSecurityOS, now i don't know if you've heard about this Linux Distro, but trust me! Its the best one.. I tried every single distrooo... And i keep coming back to parrot. 

Parrot Security

Security GNU/Linux distribution designed with cloud pentesting and IoT security in mind.

It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes all you need to develop your own softwares or protect your privacy with anonymity and crypto tools.

Ok! Now these guys are fucking serious about their privacy! They got something called : Anonsurf, its a tool they made to route all your traffic trough tor and change your dns and some other things, aswell as I2P. But only use that when you wanna browser TOR!. Right now lets focus on the VPN.

Now.. Download ParrotSec and install it and do a full disk encryption, make sure to use a good password. After that : Boot up the OS and do a full system upgrade and remove flash player. 

2. Connecting to the internet : 
Now you want to use : Macchanger to spoof your mac address before you connect to your router. Here is the command : 

ifconfig wlan0 down
macchanger -r wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 up
macchanger –show wlan0

Change "wlan0" to your network interface. For me its wlan0 so i got it like that  

Now you want to edit your connection settings, like so : 
[Image: 1249d1493674792t-free-vpn-logs-privacy-o...-38-57-jpg]
Best free vpn !! No logs!! And great privacy opsec-screenshot-2017-05-01-17-38-57-jpg

Make sure you change : Method, to : Automatic (DHCP) addresses only
And use these dns servers :,
Those DNS are from the : Frozenbox network, those are from the guys that made ParrotSec, and you got no censorship! 

Now reboot your PC, so effects take change! 

3. The VPN : Its called BitmaskVPN, it's the best VPN Out there, i feel safer using this, than using the best paid vpn and pay for it with bitcoins. Like Bitmask is amazing, No logs, No tracking, No metadata, No timestamps, Prevents DNS and IPv6 Leaks + Its open source!!! 

Here is the site : https://bitmask.net/en/features

+ They got encrypted email, here is a little info about VPN / Encrypted Email : 

VPN features
With Bitmask VPN, all your traffic is securely routed through your provider before it is decrypted and sent on to the open internet.

Thwart Network Surveillance
Bitmask VPN is very effective at bypassing most censorship and network surveillance by your ISP or country.
Anonymize your address
Your IP address will also be hidden, keeping your physical location safe from nefarious websites or network eavesdroppers.
Extra Security
We take extra security measures to prevent problems common to other personal VPNs, such as DNS leakage and IPv6 leakage.

Email features
Bitmask Encrypted Email is easy to use while still being backward compatible with the existing OpenPGP protocol for secure email.

Full end-to-end encryption
Whenever possible, all messages are encrypted end-to-end on the client device.
Secure Storage
All incoming email is automatically encrypted so only you can read it (including meta-data).
Automatic Key Management
The user never needs to know or worry about generating keys, discovering keys, or validating keys.

You can check the rest for yourself, now once you install it just create an account using : demo.bitmask.net 
Btw you just need a username/password so put anything random and your good to go! Once the VPN Connection and routing starts, you want to change your Operating System's Time Zone, and set it exactly to the time zone set with the IP. Like if the ip is from Germany. You want to match your computers time with germany's time! That helps for these reasons: 

Spoofing Time Stamps: Like when you connect to a site, they will keep a log with the time you connected to and ip and all of that, so if your time zone matches the one with the VPN that means, they can't do shit or track you. Plus use firefox with : Random Agent Spoofer and you great to go!.

And that's it. Now lets recap the steps: + a couple new ones

1# Do a full system upgrade. 
2# Use bleachbit and wipe everything
3# Reboot PC 
4# Start Macchanger 
5# Connect to wifi, make sure you got the frozenbox DNS Servers
6# Start Bitmask VPN, and make sure your matching time zones.
7# Use firefox and spoof your user agent. Once you done with everything use bleachbit and turn off PC. 

*It's preferable to do a full system upgrade atleast once a week, because parrot is rolling release and it runs with kali linux server so when kali tools get updated, parrot does aswell cause it has all of kali linux tools and many more!

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Hello, i want to know, if i take a VPN, i am untreacable or not?

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Best vpn free no credit card required

Helo guys
This is a complete list of vpn that does not need credit card.

vpn free trial by Frenk76







































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