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Reverse Engineering Money S01E08 - China fun
Hi guys [Image: clear.png]

I have been in Beijing for 1.5 weeks now,
sometimes I am desperate to go home.

There are so many factors that trigger me:
food, accommodation, people, the air, the f*cking smog, the smells, the noises, ...

But overall it's a great experience.
Compared to Europe, and Belgium in particular... China is so much more advanced when it comes to smartphones. Almost nobody pays with debit/credit card nor cash, everyone is using eWallets (such as alipay, WeChat) and QR codes. Such a thing is just unthinkable in Belgium, even in 5 years from now.

There are thousands of bikes you can just "pay for" by scanning the QR code and then drop them off anywhere you want. This costs 1RMB (= $0.13) for an entire ride.

But from a business perspective, Chinese people really love using American and European concepts.
They are so obsessed with western culture, and you see it everywhere.

Here's a picture of "WuMart", the Chinese WalMart
[Image: s05iQrB.jpg]

If I encounter anything worthwhile, I'll put it in the comments below.

Have a great summer everyone! [Image: clear.png] [Image: clear.png]
healzer Rolleyes Rolleyes

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