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I'm genuine hacker and big seller for many year in the underworld
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- Doing Transfer to : USA, UK, CA, AU, EU, ...and very easy to cash out In African

-For Western Union Transfer Info Needed :-

1: First Name
2: Last Name
3: City
4: Country
5: Email for confirmation?

Western Union Transfering Worldwide.

You will get MTCN code + Sender info + amount and then you can pickup from any WU store office.

Note: Only 1 time transfer on 1 name in a week , if you need daily transfers then you must have to use more names .

Western Union Transfer Rates :

For $500  Transfer = $50

For $1000 Transfer = $100

For $2000 Transfer = $250

For $3000 Transfer = $350

For $4000 Transfer = $500

For $5000 Transfer = $600

For $7000 Transfer = $700

For $10000 Transfer = $1000 <== MTCN split code into 2 parts - $5000+$5000

* How about deal?
- You make payment and give me your WU details ( First name, Last name, Country, City )
- After check and get payment, i will make transfers for you immediately without delay
- Transfers completed in 40 Mins you will get MTCN + Sender's details to pickup, very easy cashout


- I'm looking for a good customer to buy CREDIT CARD everyday and long-term
- I will discount or bonus if you order bulk
- My CVV is good and fresh live 100%
- All my CREDIT CARD are inspected before sale... i will replace if CREDIT CARD DIE !

Us (visa/master) = $10
Us (amex/disco) = $12
Us (fullz info) = $20
Uk (visa/master) = $252
Uk (bin/dob) = $30
Uk (fullz info) = $35
Ca (visa/master) = $15
Ca (bin/dob) = $22
Ca (fullz info) = $35
Au (visa/master) = $15
Au (bin/dob) = $25
Au (fullz info) = $35
France = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Germany = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Italy = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Sweden = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Spain = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Denmark = $25 (fullz info = $40)
Ireland = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Mexico = $15 (fullz info = $35)
Asia = $15 (fullz info = $35)

* And many countries other in stock 95% valid rate and high balance...
* Let me know if have i will sell for you


* Types Card : Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Classic Standard, Business, Debit Card, Gold Platinum...
* Country for sale : US, UK, CA, AU, EU, ASIA ...

Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin US : $50 /1pcs
Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin UK : $70 /1pcs
Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin CA : $80 /1pcs
Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin AU : $100 /1pcs
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* Sample Dumps Track 1/2 with & without Pin

Track 1: 4782009999506014^KOSNIEWSKI/PAMELA M^16111010000000208000000
Track 2: 4782009999506014=16111010000020800000
Track1 : B4784559000586171^andrew/mayerbach^150310100000000000003343300003700000000
Track2 : 4784559000586171=15031010003343300003700
ATM Pin : 2252

- We will check with high balance
- Will send Dumps to you immediately after we get your payment for the order
- I always replace bad, declined dumps
- Replacement of invalid dumps can be made within 3days

========<<SELL BANK LOGIN ACCOUNT<<=======

- Bank Login : Username + Password Number (full info)
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- BankLogin US: (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo...)

$200 = Balance $3000

$400 = Balance $5000

$600 = Balance $9000

$1000 = Balance $15000

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$250 = Balance 4000 GBP

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==============<<BANK TRANSFER>>============
==============<<BANK TRANSFER>>=============

Rules For Bank Transfer :

For bank transfer you will provide me your bank info and i will transfer funds into your account within time limit as we promised . I will only do one transfer in a week on one bank account . If you need more transfers then arrange more bank accounts .

Bank Transfer Rates:

For $1500 transfer = $200

For $2000 Transfer = $250

For $3500 Transfer = $450

For $5000 Transfer = $600

For $7000 Transfer = $700

Info needed for Bank transfers :-

1: Bank name
2: Bank address
3: Zip code
4: Account Holder
5: Account number
6: Account Type
7: Routing number

Bank transfer will take maximum 8hour for money to Reflect in your bank account.

Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Usa Bank
Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Uk Bank
Bank To Bank Transfer To Any Euro Country Bank
Amount To Pay For That Depend On Amount You Want To Transfer

~~~~~~~~~~~ BUSINESS RULES : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- If you want to buy something, please contact me to know about deal
- We ensure all tools is best and reasonable price
- We hope to see you all and doing serious work
- If you are a new customer here
- You can buy minimum CREDIT CARD or tools for testing
- Don't talk about test free or sample or screenshot with me
- If you don't trust my business. please do not contact me
- Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Western Union (WU), Perfect Money (PM), Web Money (WMZ)

>>> Contact me :

——— My Yahoo:jake.carder40

———My ICQ :667608102



zzzzzzzzzzz ( Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. ) zzzzzzzzzzz
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